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Why building your email list is vital?
From: Riku Wiitala
To: business owners
Dear Friend,

My name is Riku, a business owner in the digital marketing space for the last 6 years.  Like many of you I've been serving clients looking for skills in this area, relying on social media platforms to promote my services.  Building and nurturing an email list was more an after-thought not a priority.  

That was a BIG MISTAKE!
We know your time is valuable, so we promise not to waste it.  
There is a big problem in today's social media dependent world that could affect your business right now.

Actually three BIG problems.


You DON'T own your social following. 
At any point the platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can change their algorithms or suspend your account and that audience you worked so hard to build is gone.

There's countless examples found online where Google changes can adversely affect your site rankings and how much traffic you now receive.

With your email list, you are in control of your prospects, customers and earning potential, not an algorithm.


You could lose ALOT of money!
2 weeks before one of Josh Forti (Internet Entrepreneur) biggest Facebook group launches with over 700 members in 48 hours from organic sources...and on track to do over 2,000 in the first week, Facebook disabled his account.  

His profile didn't exist.  And the JV deals lined up with major influencers, speakers 7-8 figure entrepreneurs and more...all had to be cancelled.   Every deal lined up through the new year including Black Friday was cancelled.  

Josh estimated AT LEAST $30K-$50K in sales lost!!!


You're NOT in control of your earnings!
Again, you don't own your social media following.  

But with an email list you get to build a relationship with your new subscribers into your world by keeping them engaged with your valuable content. 

When you engage and nurture your list they get to know, like, and trust you. Then keep them coming back for more with your irresistible products, services, and offers. 

Watch your list explode faster than you imagined!

Don't leave the fate of your business in the hands of Facebook...

Here's How We Help & What You Get As A Member
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Why Russell Brunson Says...Email Lists IS VITAL!
"The money in ANY business is IN the list!"
"The KEY metric every day at Clickfunnels is 
how many people per day are joining your list.  
If you're not looking at this, you're looking at the WRONG metric...

...because your list IS THE MOST valuable asset of your business....it IS your business!"
Here's What To Do Next
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Take up to 30 days to explore the materials and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don't.
Best of Success,

Riku Wiitala

P.S.  I see you skipped to the bottom of this page. :)

So let me cut to the chase right here.
I've put together an awesome programme that will teach you how to build a quality email list that most of the time is far more profitable than a big email list. 

Building a big email list takes a lot of time and it's NOT always the most profitable way.  

Building a quality email list can happen quickly. ....and often times, MORE profitable. 

So,  as a final recap....

I've put together a step by step email marketing programme, you're going to get access to. 

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